doula services

Here is an overview of the standard packages I offer. Everything can be tailored to your needs, just ask me and we can create together something that will suit you and your family.



antenatal doula

  • 5 hours of antenatal preparation

  • Continuous emotional and
    informational support via phone,
    text and email

  • 1 postnatal visit to debrief your experience


Starting at £350

Why birth support?

For many centuries women gave birth in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by people they knew and trusted. While the medicalisation of birth has been life saving for many mothers and babies, it has left some women feeling anxious and unsupported. 

Continuous support through labour and birth has been demonstrated to lead to better birth outcomes. As your birth doula, I will help you prepare to birth your baby and support you remotely to ensure you have the best birthing experience possible.

What is postnatal support?

The 4th trimester corresponds to the first three months of a a baby's life. It is a period of great adjustment for a family: getting to know your baby, getting to know your new self, establishing breastfeeding and building the foundations of your new life.

Having a positive presence by your side, who will hold space for you and support you no matter what choices you have made, will allow you to grow confident and enjoy your journey into parenthood.

Wishing to breastfeed your baby? Thanks to my additional training with the Breastfeeding Network, I will be able to provide you with up-to-date and evidenced-based breastfeeding support.


4th trimester

20 hours of postnatal visits to: 

  • Support with feeding your baby

  • Encourage parents to build-up confidence

  • Allow time and space to debrief the birth experience

  • Provide emotional support for both parents

  • Assist with babycare 

  • Signpost to evidence-based information

Starting at £400

If you are looking for a smaller package, contact me and we will create something that works for you.

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