more about me

naissances was founded in 2021 after the birth of my son. Him coming into the world was a very transformative experience for me. I then thought, giving birth to your first child during a world pandemic would necessarily be a rollercoaster for anyone.

Although I quickly understood that there is more to it. Becoming a parent is a crazy, wonderful, and scary adventure for anyone, anywhere and at anytime. And nothing can fully prepare us what it is going to feel like. But what we can do is get ready, buckle-up and enjoy the most adventurous ride of our lives, surrounded by people holding our hand really tight when it gets bumpy. But why get ready if nothing can really prepare us for this adventure? Because knowledge is power, knowledge brings confidence and strength. And when you feel empowered and your heart is filled with confidence and strength, you can achieve anything, even becoming a parent! 

And this journey starts with birthing your baby (technically it starts a bit before that - but we didn't know each other then!)

Following my own experience of birth and postnatal period, I realised how important support is and how having access to the evidence-based information is crucial to feeling confident we are making the right choices for us and our family. 

I wanted to help families achieve that. But how? By becoming a Doula. 

I trained as a Birth and Postnatal Doula with Nurturing Birth and have completed a complementary breastfeeding support training programme with the Breastfeeding Network. I now feel fully equipped to support parents with their journey into parenthood - and hold their hand really tight when it gets bumpy. But the journey isn't over, continuous learning is key for me to ensure my knowledge is always up-to-date and evidence based. 

You are wondering whether we could be a good match? Just reach out, we can grab a coffee or have phone conversation and find out a bit more about each other to see if we 'click'. Choosing a Doula always comes down to personalities and it is hard to tell from a website, isn't it?

I support families in the Greater Belfast area, but please do reach out if you live a wee bit further down the road and we can see whether we can work something out. 

Looking forward to hearing from you and starting this journey together. 

Margot xx